Modern, Simple & Elegant

Traverstone® Block

Turn your fencing wall in an architectural element, that valorizes the outside of your house!

In case that you are planning to build a fencing wall around your house, we from PYRAMID know what you want.

Do you want to save costs and realization times?

Do you want to be sure about the final result as well the aesthetic one as the functional one?

That’s why our modules for fencing walls can realize your wish of saving and satisfaction

PYRAMID Business Express Limited

Our company is the sole representative, importer and distributor in Ireland of Starstone Romania and Maspe Italia fencing blocks products.

Fences Blocks for

Residential, Commercial & Industrial .


Traverstone Concrete Blocks are the result of 2 years of research done by a multinational team which had the idea to reduce the time it takes to build a fence the classic way and eliminate mistakes caused by human error.


Finished block

Texture: Vein Cut Travertine

40×20 cm Block

Dimensions: 40x20x20 cm
Weight: 19 Kg/Pc.

Finished block

Texture: Vein Cut Travertine

30×30 cm Block

Dimensions: 30x30x20 cm
Weight: 18.5 Kg/Pc.


Module Biancone Squared


Module Pietra Istria


Module White Karst


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