First impressions matter, make your fence count.

For the first time, we offer finished fence bolts with a natural stone look, very strong and easy to install. The unique design of the blocks ensures a 90% faster and more efficient installation than the traditional method.
This product fits any project giving it a unique touch, elegance and style.


Easy to maintain.

Modern style fencing

Looks great.

Wallcap LED

Innovative Design

Garden design

Comes in a wide range of colours.

Gate pillars

 Made to last.

Exterior walls with Pyramid modules.

The exterior or boundary walls can be load-bearing or be filling elements: in both cases they need to have some specific characteristics, for example the capacity to absorb the humidity of the interior environments and to give it back when the air is dryer.

Do you want to be sure about the final result?

Convenient, functional and aesthetic, our modules allow to give a touch of elegance to your exterior wall, by keeping the essential requirements of functionality and resistance. The surface of the modules is finished in a way to magnify the walls with an unmistakable stone effect. Furthermore, with the Maspe modules, the exterior wall can be easily cleaned as well with a high pressure water jet machine as with aggressive washings.

Finished product

Visit our section dedicated to fencing walls and limiting walls. On every wall you can easily adapt our coverings for exterior walls: Only in this way you can have with reduced costs your exterior elegant and long-lasting walls. Those tiles for exterior walls can be changed by a cut with a cutting grinder and a wheel for marble.

“Pick up now” service

In a rush? Our “pick up now” service allows the purchaser to have all of their PYRAMID fencing stocked products within an hour.

Delivery service

We offer national delivery service, which means your fencing products can be delivered right to the site of construction, to make the installation process more productive than ever.

For your exterior walls choose our modules!

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